Sunday, September 1, 2013


Greetings fellow santa clauses!
welp, IT'S A WRAP.
The fundraiser project is now, well, finished(I can't find the right word for this honestly)

The total amount raised is 538USD!!

And it's all thanks to all you incredibly lovely, generous and awesome people.

Below are lousy screen captures of when I did the donations.

I donated to 3 different projects by World Vision Singapore , all projects providing aid for children In Cambodia, China and Ethiopia since my goal for the fundraiser is to help the less fortunate children.

And also donated to The Rainbow Centre(Sri Lanka) whereby they provide education, welfare & support for children living in extreme poverty in Southern Sri Lanka.

I donated an extra 100sgd myself to The Rainbow Centre so yeah, just sayin' in case the math is wrong or something. 

You guys should all throw a little party because you've helped made this project, if I may say, SUCCESSFUL!
All the funds were raised in a week so that's really awesome. Seriously.

The whole project has been really amazing for me because of the amount of support I got from all of you, man I'm horrible with words as usual but can't emphasise enough that, I appreciate everything you guys have done!
I don't know all of you well even though I'd love to, so to actually receive such 'response' for a project that I just told you guys out of the blue is flippin' mind blowing for me.

It was a pretty crazy one month for me and I've never worked this hard for my birthday before (haha. If only you guys can see how much of a zombie I am at work) but it is definitely worth it. The paintings sold out really quickly, receive lots of lovely comments, told other people about this project, I really wish I can do something more than just saying a BIG BIG THANK YOU.
(Why am I not better with words, darn)

My birthday this year is without a doubt an incredibly meaningful one and one of my best birthdays ever.
I got to, in a way, celebrate it not only with my family, but with so many of you from different parts of the world through the amazing thing called the internet!
be santa clauses. :B 

So go buy some cookies, ice cream, cake, whichever you prefer, play some christmas music maybe and celebrate because you all deserve it!

Thanks again. c':

P.S I'll probably update again with scans of the paintings and upload them on my tumblr. Till then.

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