Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Series

As promised, here are the scanned images of the paintings!

Thanks again everyone♥

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Greetings fellow santa clauses!
welp, IT'S A WRAP.
The fundraiser project is now, well, finished(I can't find the right word for this honestly)

The total amount raised is 538USD!!

And it's all thanks to all you incredibly lovely, generous and awesome people.

Below are lousy screen captures of when I did the donations.

I donated to 3 different projects by World Vision Singapore , all projects providing aid for children In Cambodia, China and Ethiopia since my goal for the fundraiser is to help the less fortunate children.

And also donated to The Rainbow Centre(Sri Lanka) whereby they provide education, welfare & support for children living in extreme poverty in Southern Sri Lanka.

I donated an extra 100sgd myself to The Rainbow Centre so yeah, just sayin' in case the math is wrong or something. 

You guys should all throw a little party because you've helped made this project, if I may say, SUCCESSFUL!
All the funds were raised in a week so that's really awesome. Seriously.

The whole project has been really amazing for me because of the amount of support I got from all of you, man I'm horrible with words as usual but can't emphasise enough that, I appreciate everything you guys have done!
I don't know all of you well even though I'd love to, so to actually receive such 'response' for a project that I just told you guys out of the blue is flippin' mind blowing for me.

It was a pretty crazy one month for me and I've never worked this hard for my birthday before (haha. If only you guys can see how much of a zombie I am at work) but it is definitely worth it. The paintings sold out really quickly, receive lots of lovely comments, told other people about this project, I really wish I can do something more than just saying a BIG BIG THANK YOU.
(Why am I not better with words, darn)

My birthday this year is without a doubt an incredibly meaningful one and one of my best birthdays ever.
I got to, in a way, celebrate it not only with my family, but with so many of you from different parts of the world through the amazing thing called the internet!
be santa clauses. :B 

So go buy some cookies, ice cream, cake, whichever you prefer, play some christmas music maybe and celebrate because you all deserve it!

Thanks again. c':

P.S I'll probably update again with scans of the paintings and upload them on my tumblr. Till then.

Last few hours!

Last few hours before I close the etsy shop so if you're thinking of getting some postcards or sticker set, you can still get it!
Thank you so much for everything so far! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All Sold!

The last painting got sold just when I got off my computer!
I really don't know what to say except THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!

Besides my over usage of exclaimation marks,
this has also been happening very often:

This project is already successful to me and all you incredible santas made it happen!
ok, I'm really so happy, I can't even come up with a proper sentence.
Till the next update then. c: 

Postcard set & Sticker Pack

One left in the store!?
This is crazy you guys! ; v ;
It has been really awesome so far, there's still 3 more days to go before the end of this project and already so many paintings have been sold! I didn't expect them to sell that fast and couldn't be happier they did.
To santas who have bought a painting/paintings, I can't say thank you enough and how much I appreciate it. To all the other santas, I can't thank you guys enough as well for supporting the project, sharing this with other people, couldn't have done this project without all of you, honestly!♥

There's still a few more days to go, hopefully the last painting will get a new home.
the postcard sets & sticker pack are now up on the etsy store!

Postcards come in a pack of 20, which is the full set of all the paintings I did & are printed on 250gsm, lightly texture art card.
4USD is donated with every pack sold!

The sticker pack has 4 stickers, 2 of each design.
Printed on matt sticker paper (not waterproof) and every pack comes with a random postcard print!
2USD is donated for every pack sold.

They will be up until 1st September, 10PM SGT.


I posted about this on instagram already but just going to mention it here again.
I really wanted to get badges made for this project and I did get a few made but unfortunately, they didn't turn out as nice as I hope they would. :c
The print quality wasn't that good, probably can't really tell from the photo and they made a mistake with Milton's badge.
So I now have 6 badges I don't know what to do with.
Silly me for deciding to get 3 printed for each instead of one & it wasn't cheap either. :/

So there won't be any badges available for this project.
However, if any of you are interested in getting badges, and I don't mean the ones I got made but properly made ones, do leave a comment, or send me a message anywhere.
If there are lots of 'requests' for it, I might get them made after this project ends.


You guys have been really really awesome so far, BIG thank you again!
I've almost reach the goal of raising 500USD & as I've said, wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for you.
Till the next update then. C:

Monday, August 26, 2013

One more hour!

One more hour to go before the original postcard paintings will be up on my etsy shop for purchase!


I didn't manage to get a mock set of the postcards printed, but will do so tomorrow, along with the badges.

Image below is how the badges will look like, just a simple design cause' my brain is too fried to think of something fancy.

I'll post again when I have the postcards and badges up for pre-order.
I'm still thinking about the stickers,they will be the same design as the badges because yeah, fried brain.
 if I can get it printed then they'll be up for pre-order.

Welp, till then!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Introducing Milton and Stella

You guys probably know from twitter and Instagram that 
I've finished all 20 paintings.
I really enjoyed painting these even though it's lots of late nights, tea and racing against time.
You guys have been giving very kind comments and shown lots of support so thank you so much again!
It seriously keeps me going even when my eyes are protesting at 3am. Silly weak eyes, losing stamina, haha

Here's a re-introduction of this project because I finally decided on names for them (with the help of my sister) so it felt like something I should do.
Bad title though so, erm, pardon me.

"The Simple Adventures of Milton & Stella"
A series of 20 postcard sized paintings done as a personal a project to help raise funds to help provide education, food, healthcare,etc to children, funds raise through this project will be donated to The Rainbow Centre(Sri Lanka) & World Vision Singapore. And also because I made a promise to myself at the beginning of 2013 to do something meaningful on my birthday. 

The paintings as the 'project title' states, shows the friendship between Milton (The fox) & Stella (The lil' monster). They don't go on epic heroic treasure finding adventures, simple activities and using tons of imagination makes an epic enough adventure for them.

The paintings are numbered as well! Every illustration has a number in it to show the order of which idea I thought of first.
And a fun little challenge for me to incorporate in the illustration.

The paintings will be up for sale later on etsy:
27 August
12am SGT

I'm not sure how this time zone thing works, but basically 12pm here in Singapore.

These are the original paintings I'm selling.
25USD for each painting
Shipping is an extra 5usd for all countries.
Except Singapore which is 3usd for shipping.

All the money except the shipping cost will be donated to The Rainbow Centre(Sri Lanka) & World Vision Singapore.
So if all the paintings are sold, a total of 500USD will be raised!

I'll only be putting the paintings up for purchase until 
1st September.
I've yet to decide on a time to end the sale of anything but the plan is to do the donation of money on 1st September because, well, that's the day of my birthday.


As much as I'd love to keep all of the paintings (I become very attached to my paintings very quickly), I really hope all 20 of them will be sold because the total amount raised will be able to provide a lot of help for children in a few countries & I know the paintings will be going to good homes!
So, purchasing one, telling people about this, any way to help would be all sorts of awesome.


Later during the day, I'll try my best to get a set of the postcards printed and maybe a pair of badges made. If they turn out alright, I'll put it up for pre-order.

I know I said I'll put up more photos but I haven't finish editing them yet so well, lots to do and upload later after work.
Hope you guys will forgive me for all the delays!
Here's another photo I took of my small messy table in the meantime to end the post.

Till later then!