Sunday, August 18, 2013

Additional plans

Little serious blabber to start off the post.

20 paintings isn't a lot and I would really love to paint as many as I could so more funds can be raised but I started too late (guilty) and that is as many as I can finish.
I'm actually a little behind schedule with the paintings but I'm determined to finish by the dateline I gave myself. Here's to more cups of tea!

SOOOOO..I'm thinking of ways to raise more funds & it would all sorts of awesome if more people could contribute to this.
What I have in mind:

1. A set of postcards
 Thought it'd be nice if you lovely people can get a set of prints of all the paintings.
Kinda like getting a set of postcards :B

2. Badges & Stickers
Because I love making badges and stickers!
And also because it wouldn't take long for them to be made.

It's only two ideas but I really would like to have them made even though I don't exactly have a lot of time.


Please leave a comment below or tell me on whichever social platform you prefer telling me whether you would like me to get the postcards printed, badges & stickers made!
I would really appreciate it!

That way I can estimated how many of them I should print & also to check out printings costs, etc & tell you guys the estimated cost because sadly I can't afford to cover the printing costs though I'd love to, hope you guys understand! Hence they will be priced so that the profits will be donated.
And if I do make them, they will probably be available for order until the end of this month or September depending on when I put them up for order.


On to less serious stuff..

Here are 4 new ones I completed this weekend!
Pardon me for the crappy photo, I forgot to take a photo during the afternoon today.

two photos I took for fun

I still have yet to decide on names for them so don't feel shy to suggest names!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!
I'd really like more people to be involved in this even if it is leaving comments, feedback, buying a painting etc, because they would really help me a whole lot and it'll feel kinda like a small collaboration thing with many awesome santa clauses(can I call you guys that just for this project? :B)

back to painting for me!


  1. i'd be very happy to buy some cards, just love your work! i don't buy anything from Society6, though, as they don't mention you may be charged extra import tax which can add £11 extra to orders.

    1. Hello Colin! Thank you so much for the comment, incredibly kind of you as always!! C:
      Haha, not to worry, I won't be putting anything up for sale there for this project because of many reasons which I shall not bore you with. The cards will be printed here in Singapore and I'll put them up on etsy/big cartel for order, I'd prefer packaging & shipping stuff out personally so I can add little hand written notes :B