Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Birthday Fundraiser

Hiya explorers of the internet!

I'd really appreciate it if you would take the time to read this, I'm horrible with words but I do hope you'll bear with me.


I'm celebrating my 20th birthday next month

nothing special about it,
but at the start of the year, I told myself I wanted to do something meaningful for my birthday this year, no idea how that came about but I'm glad I decided to. I didn't know what it was I wanted to do that but I knew I want to help kids somehow.My amazing friend, Karen, did a fundraiser in May & I thought the idea is really awesome hence, was inspired to do a fundraiser as well. 


I'll be painting 20 A6 watercolour postcards & hopefully have them up for sale on the 25th which is about a week before my birthday. 

I only sorta planned/started on this last week so I apologise I don't have more to show you guys but below are 2 that I've done. The paintings are kinda' themed around 'frienship' and will be of these two characters. 

I'm still thinking of names for them but suggestions for names are more than welcomed and very much appreciated because I'm bad at picking/coming up with names!
Leave your suggestions in a comment & I'll pick the one I like!

Each painting will be numbered, thought it'll make it a fun challenge for me to incorporate that in besides trying to finish the paintings.

Paintings are 25usd each, shipping fee isn't included but I promise it will be a fixed shipping fee that will be kept to the minimum. 
All the money will be donated (on the day of my birthday) to World Vision Sinagpore & The Rainbow Centre Sri Lanka. I'll make another post soon with details on how the money will be divided as I really want to help out both organizations and World Vision Singapore has a few projects/centre that we can help.

I'll update this blog as much as I can with more finished postcards, work in progress or with any details I need to tell you guys.

To you guys from twitter & instagram who are here to see the 'big reveal', I'm sorry this is actually a pretty badly planned out reveal but thank you so much for taking the time to read the chunk of words above.
BIG thank you (though I can never thank all of you enough) who've like the stuff I've drawn etc, you guys have been a really great support and a MASSIVE thank you if you will help to make my birthday this year a very meaningful one.

I really hope you guys will join me to be santa clauses (hence the bad blog title), even telling people about this would mean a lot to me, before and on my birthday because the help the children will receive will kinda be like a present to them.
Or at least, I like to think that way.

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